Carlito Olivero Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Partner, Age, Nationality

     Carlito Olivero Personal Information

Carlito Olivero Net Worth $0.6 Million
Name Carlito Olivero 
Carlito Olivero Age 34
Gender Male 
Professional Singer, Actor
Carlito Olivero Partner  Jade Chynoweth
Carlito Olivero Nationality American
Updated 2023


Carlito Olivero Net Worth

His Net Worth has been estimated through several online sources. According to Forbes, Wikipedia and others, Carlito Olivero Net Worth is about $600,000 as of 2023.

Carlito Olivero earned a lot of money in his music and acting Career in 2007. He started his career at a very young age. Carlito Olivero Net Worth could be assumed through his successful involvement in the world of entertainment.

As he has been the part of many events of competition, and used to sing songs for various artists. Those include NSYNC, Elvis Presley, B2K and others.

Carlito Olivero Biography

The famous singer and actor Carlito Olivero was born on July 16, 1989 in Chicago, USA. He is best known for being a member of famous Latin boy band Menudo. Also, he is one of the top positions in the show “The X Factor” of the TV talent competition.

Carlito Olivero spent most of the time in building his career in music. However, he only released a single album of his own. Carlito Olivero worked along with the band. Then, he also started his career in the field of acting. He played multiple roles and got success in it.


Carlito Olivero Quick Bio:

Carlito Olivero Net Worth $0.6 Million
Real Name Carlos Emmanuel Olivero
Date of Birth  July 16, 1989
Carlito Olivero Age 34
Carlito Olivero Height 5’10
Carlito Olivero Weight 158 lbs
Carlito Olivero Partner Jade Chynoweth
Carlito Olivero Nationality American
Carlito Olivero Birth place Chicago, USA.
Carlito Olivero Father N/A
Carlito Olivero Mother N/A

Early Life

Carlito Olivero, Originally known as Carlos Emmanuel Olivero is an American born person. He belongs to Puerto Rican and Mexican ancestry. Carlito grew up in Chicago with the passion of music and acting.

The young boy learnt music at the age of five years. His parents bought him a Karaoke. Carlito’s father and aunt taught him about dancing and music. After completing his education, he moved to his passion of music. In 2007, he became part of the Latin boy band Menudo.

Afterwards, in 2009, he moved to Los Angeles. There, he has appeared in various singing and acting events. He started his Professional Career in music from that time.

Career & Achievements

Carlito Olivero began his professional career in 2007. He first responded to an MTV’S ad for the series “Making Menudo”. After this, he became one of the most popular members of Latin bands Menudo.

The Menudo band includes famous musicians such as Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa. They showcased the early skills of Carlito Olivero. Carlito Olivero spent his two years working with Menudo.

He worked with Jose Monti, Antonio Montañez, Christopher Nelson Moy, Emmanuel Jose Vélez Pagán and Jose Bordonada Collazo. Unfortunately, the Menudo existed only for two years and Carlito then moved to Los Angeles for his music career.

In Los Angeles, Carlito Olivero started his music career working as a solo artist. But, he has only managed to release and record one studio album.  It was D.D.B.R.W.S through Indie Art Music.

Afterwards, he took part in the show “The X Factor”. This show made him get contract offers from the musicians to perform his talent. Carlito Olivero performed the songs including “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Stand By Me” and others.

Carlito Olivero then started making his name as an actor. He took part in the comedy movie “We the Party” in 2012. It was starring Snoop Dogg, Mario Van Peebles and Michael Jai White.

He continued his acting career at that time with great efforts. Then, in 2015 he was selected for the role of Eddie in the “East Los High”. It was a TV drama series.

In the year 2017, Carlito Olivero appeared in a critically appraised series. This has increased Carlito Olivero’s net worth rapidly. At the same time, he played Jules in another series “Making Moves”.

Carlito Olivero also took the role in the film “Blood Heist” starring Edy Ganem, James Franco and James McMenamin. And recently worked on the thriller movie “Bad Samaritan”. The film was directed by Dean Devlin.

Carlito Olivero also starred I’m the YouTube Red scripted series, “Step Up: High Water”. Moreover, Carlito Olivero had also been cast in the film “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”.

Carlito Olivero Personal Life

Carlito Olivero used to keep his most intimate details of his personal life to be hidden from the public eyes. He hasn’t shared any details of his relationship status. However, he remained a member of a happy family in Chicago.

Carlito Olivero also used to be active in social media accounts. There are about 140,000 followers of Carlito on his Instagram account. Moreover, his twitter has more than 85000. He has created his own YouTube channel, where he used to upload his music videos.




What is Carlito Olivero nationality?

He is an American.

How old is Carlito Olivero ?

He is 34 years old.

How much does Carlito Olivero height? 

According to some sources Carlito Olivero height is 5’10.




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