George Kamel Net Worth| Biography, Age, Height

Personal Information

George Kamel Net Worth $0.56 Million 
Nick Name Kamel
Age 34 Years
Gender Male
Professional Youtuber
Partner Whitney Woloshyn Kamel
Nationality American
Updated 2023

George Kamel Net Worth

According to the online sources, George Kamel net worth is estimated to be about $560,000. He fills in for Dave Ramsey Show on regular basis. George Kamel is the co-host of the show. He earns up to $98,600 for the show.

Interestingly, his net worth has been increased by 1.2 percent as compared to the previous year. There are a lot of profits, he used to achieve on daily basis. George Kamel possess a wealth of about $1.2 million.

The credit of George Kamel net worth goes to his ten year efforts in the Ramsey Solutions show. Dave Ramsey is a well known author and businessman. He is the contributor to many financial periodicals.


George Kamel is a famous American Podcaster. He was born on May 4, 1989 in the United States. George Kamel net worth in the year 2023 is about $560,000. He is the main personality in Ramsey Solutions.

George Kamel hosts for his Podcasts, “EntreLeadership” and “the Fine Print”. He is known for his motivational efforts for the people. George Kamel has been one of the great personalities who works for the betterment of people.

Interestingly, he used to give suggestions for financial situations, decreasing expenditures and raising savings and to avoid making mistakes in every field of life. George Kamel works on the motives of financial solutions.


        George Kamel Quick Bio

Net Worth  $560,000
Real Name  George Kamel
George Kamel Date of Birth  4 May 1989 
George Kamel Age  36 years
George Kamel Height  5’6
George Kamel Weight  78kg
George Kamel Partner  Whitney Woloshyn Kamel
George Kamel Nationality  American
George Kamel Birth place  United States
George Kamel Father  N/A
George Kamel Mother  N/A


Early Life

George Kamel was born to an American family in the United States. He has not revealed more about his early Life. After the great recognition from Ramsey Program, George has maintained a low profile.

According to the analysis, George Kamel has also kept his educational background to be private. He has not divulged his college or high school name to the public and social media.

George Kamel has been working for the Ramsey Program since the year of 2013. He has also completed his education with the bachelor’s degree.

Career And Achievements

George Kamel began his professional career with his key role in the Ramsey Program. He has been working there for over ten years. George Kamel net worth is counted with his journey of career.

He has been working as a Podcaster, and a co-host. George Kamel worked in Ramsey Solutions, Fine Print Podcast, and EntreLeadership.

George Kamel In Ramsey Solutions 

Ramsey Program has produced a narrative series of shows. People can found these on the Podcast. The series imparts some unspoken facts and figures that helps individuals in their financial solutions.

George Kamel works in Ramsey Solutions with the collaboration of a large number of qualified specialists. Those included Ken Coleman, Rachel Cruze, Dr. John Delony, Kristina Ellis, Eddie Culin, Pedro LaTorre and Courtney Dyksterhouse.

George Kamel started working with the Fine Print Podcast for the first time in August 2021. This time, he served there as a Show’s Presenter. Interestingly, in each and every episode of the Podcast, George removed the misconceptions and pitfalls about money. He worked on the positive development of financial solutions that are essential for listeners to comprehend.

Kamel in Fine Print Podcast guided it’s listeners using process of making better informed choices. Those have cleae links and effects to their lives and money for a longer time. He has also put on the subject of crypto currency in the past at his show.

Interestingly, the Fine Print Podcast can be available online for listeners. These can be downloaded through the podcasting service by Apple.

George Kamel has also worked as a Co-Host at the Podcast named EntreLeadership. It is also one of the productions of Ramsey Network. Additionally, this show works on the live talks. They will take live calls of some of the most creative minds in the industry.

Some of those include Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek, and Jim Collins. And, they used to collect the information and guidance about how to be a successful businessman.

Personal Life

George Kamel is married to his Fiancee Whitney Woloshyn Kamel since November, 2nd, 2018. George and his wife both were in jobs at the Ramsey Solutions. This was the place where they first met and get into the relationship. George Kamel has not revealed more information about his personal life to the media.


      George Kamel Net Worth History

George Kamel Net Worth 2023 $560,000
George Kamel Net Worth 2022 $390,000
George Kamel Net Worth 2021 $210,000
George Kamel Net Worth 2020 $130,000
George Kamel Net Worth 2019 $100,000




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