Matt Pittman Net Worth | Biography, Age, Height

Personal Information

Matt Pittman Net Worth $5 Million 
Name Matt Pittman
Age 47 years
Gender Male
Professional Businessman
Partner Tracie Pittman
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Matt Pittman Net Worth

According to the online sources, Matt Pittman net worth is up to 5 million dollars. This amount is highly attributable to his Chicken and meat profession. Matt Pittman earned a lot working as a money manager. Moreover, he possesses a largest following on his Instagram and have managed his own YouTube channel. Matt Pittman net worth has been increased by 12 % as compared to the previous year.

The credit of Matt Pittman net worth is mostly goes to his profound expertise in Meat Church Bar-B-Que business. Now he has been investing his efforts in smoking meat, giving instructions and imparting enthusiasm for the meat lovers.


Matt Pittman is the famous Pitmaster and Chief/proprietor at Meat Church Bar-B-Que. He was born in 1975 and currently lives in the incredible territory of Texas. Matt Pittman net worth is around $5 million as of 2023.

Matt Pittman was grown and raised in the United States. There, he has revealed his passion of barbecuing and all things meat. People know him as a true barbeque master having the art of cooking over an open flame.


        Matt Pittman Quick Bio

Net Worth  $5 Million
Real Name Matt Pittman
Date of Birth 1975
Matt Pittman Age 25
Matt Pittman Height 6’2
Matt Pittman Weight N/A
Matt Pittman Partner N/A
Matt Pittman Nationality American
Matt Pittman Birth place Waxahachie, Texas, United States
Matt Pittman Father N/A
Matt Pittman Mother N/A

Early Life

Matt Pittman grew up in Texas in the United States. He has passion and love for cooking and barbecuing at a very young age. When he was a child, he watched his Grand Father in the work of grill meat. From that point, Matt Pittman put on this interest and started following his footsteps.

Matt Pittman started his career by experimenting with multiple cooking techniques. He spent several years in  utilizing different techniques and flavors and always tried to poush the boundaries of what could be possible in cooking.

Afterwards, Matt Pittman started taking part in the cooking and barbecuing competitions. There, he easily gained recognition for his unique and exceptional cooking techniques.

Matt Pittman has won a number of awards at a very young age. These have further solidified Matt’s place in the career of best Pitmasters in the United States.

Career And Achievements 

Matt Pittman As American Broadcaster

Before being a master of barbeque, Matt Pittman has been an American public broadcaster. He has worked for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. Matt Pittman has been a telecaster with KIRO in Seattle, Washington.

His duties included covering all the Seatle region sports. Adding to this, he was serving on the pre and post game transmissions at Seatle Mariners radio organization.

On the other hand, Matt Pittman worked as in the KeyArena voice in the Sonics in the year 2004-05 NBA season.

Matt Pittman To Be A Master Pittman

Afterwards, Matt Pittman began working for his childhood passion, barbecuing and cooking. He has spent years in experiments and practice in this field.

After spending years of experience, Matt Pittman has become expert and fully skilled in his cooking and barbecuing craft. Then, he became famous for his incredible expertise to create tender, mouthwatering and flavorful barbeque.

Matt Pittman’s Meat Church

Matt Pittman owns the Meat Church. Now, with his wild fame, he finally quit his employment and seek after his passion for full time. The main branch of Meat Church is located at the square in midtown Waxahachie.

After five years of Meat Church opening, it has gained over 250,000 Instagram supporters. It has gained a profound internet based business. Meat Church offers more than twelve grill rubs and brines of Pittman’s making. They offer these products on the web and in stores.

Matt Pittman also teaches grill meat to spread the Meat Church gospel.

In the year of 2014, Matt Pittman seen in a TV program named Bar-B-Que Pitmasters.

Matt Pittman Launched Retail Shop In Waxahachie

Matt Pittman has also launched a retail shop in Waxahachie. The store offers the Pittman’s honor winning flavoring products and other merchandise for it’s fans. And, also offering the grill products that anybody might require at any point during cooking.

Personal Life

Matt Pittman spent his life learning cooking and barbecuing. He learnt cooking from his Grand parants. Matt Pittman said that his father and grandfather were the two men who showed him the true meaning of work and struggle.

The famous Chef Matt Pittman is known for his charismatic personality and a gentle nature. He used to share his cooking adventures and interact with his followers on social media. Matt Pittman has developed a strong community of barbeque lovers.

Matt Pittman is married to Tracie Pittman. The relationship between both of them appears to be solid and affectionate. They aid one another in their various endeavours.


        Matt Pittman Net Worth History

Matt Pittman Net Worth 2023 $5 Million
Matt Pittman Net Worth 2022 $3.9 Million
Matt Pittman Net Worth 2021 $2.7 Million
Matt Pittman Net Worth 2020 $2.1 Million
Matt Pittman Net Worth 2019 $1.5 Million






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