Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth | Biography, Girlfriend, Height

Nick DiGiovanni Personal Information

Net Worth $10 Million 
Nick Name Nick DiGiovanni
Age 27 years 
Gender Male
Professional YouTuber
Girl friend Isabelle Tashima
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth

Nick DiGiovanni earned enough in his professional career. The MasterChef has made his name on his own. Nick DiGiovanni net worth has been estimated to be about $10 million. It can be found through online sources. A large part of Nick DiGiovanni net worth is attributed through his social media food shows.

Nick DiGiovanni made his money by making food and cooking content for TikTok and YouTube. Master Chef has gained over 4.8 billion views. And, these are equal to about $15 million revenue before taxes. He has gained a large social media following due to his fame on Master Chef.

On the other hand, the net worth of Nick DiGiovanni would be doubled due to his start ups and businesses. These provide him with a great deal of revenue. Interestingly, Voodles has been his biggest venture and the second biggest source of income. However, there are two other startups which are considerable sources of Nick DiGiovanni net worth.


The famous personality Nick DiGiovanni can be found on YouTube, TV and Social Media. He was born on May 19, 1996. Then, he grew up in the city of Providence in Rhode Island.

Nick DiGiovanni’s net worth reached its peak  on social media due to his popularity. He is a popular chef on TV and works on Tik Tok to upload his regular posts.

The Chef Nick DiGiovanni has gained popularity when he first appeared on the tenth season of MasterChef. There he rose to fame when he finished third. Interestingly, he became the youngest person to be a finalist on MasterChef.

        Nick DiGiovanni Quick Bio

Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth  $10 Million
Real Name  Nicholas Channing DiGiovanni
Date of Birth  May 19, 1996
Nick DiGiovanni Age  27 years
Nick DiGiovanni  Height 1.9m
Nick DiGiovanni Weight N/A 
Nick DiGiovanni girlfriend Isabelle Tashima
Nick DiGiovanni Nationality American
Nick DiGiovanni Birth place Rhode Island, United States
Nick DiGiovanni Father Chris DiGiovanni
Nick DiGiovanni Mother Susan DiGiovanni


Early Life Of Nick DiGiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni spent his childhood in Providence, Rhode Island. He belongs to an Italian and Persian Family. He is the elder brother of his four siblings. Interestingly, Nick has gained the passion of cooking from his mother, grandmother and great grandmother at a younger age.

As he grew old, he joined Harvard University to earn a special degree in Food and Climate. There he completed his graduation in 2019. He studied in the subject of his passion and started his career during studies by taking part in MasterChef.

Career And Achievements

He has been a talented student of food and Climate at Harvard University. This was his first achievement in this journey, that he proposed a curriculum to school.

Project At Harvard University

The curriculum has combined subjects of Chemistry, Climate Science, Anthropology, Business of Food and Public Health. Nick DiGiovanni has proved that he has been a successful enterprise at a very young age.

Participated In MasterChef Competition

At the time of studies at Harvard University, Nick DiGiovanni competed in MasterChef. Interestingly, Nick DiGiovanni was among the two contestants in the show, who were studying while taking part in the competition.

Nick DiGiovanni was about 23 years old when he came third in the MasterChef competition. While, he was narrowly beaten by the stronger contestants. Gordon Ramsay and Aaroz Sanchez were impressed by Nick DiGiovanni’s best performance in the show.

After the competition of MasterChef, Nick DiGiovanni was excited to pursue his career in food. He tried on multiple platforms due to his passion and valuable knowledge in his material line.

Afterwards, Nick DiGiovanni continued taking part in the competition of MasterChef. He earned great success since the end of the MasterChef tenth season.

Started On Voodles

Moving ahead, Nick DiGiovanni set up his first food start-up, Voodles. Voodles is a food company that works on kids to eat more vegetables by selling vegetable pasta. Nick has once stated to the Boston Magazine: ”We’re trying to get it so that kids will actually treat this like regular pasta,”

Voodles has been very popular. Nick DiGiovanni worked alongside his business partner, Daniel Guss.

OSMO And Flambe Candles

Then, Nick DiGiovanni became the co-founder of his new start-up, OSMO. OSMO aims to sell choice salt for meat seasoning and other types of food preservation. On the other hand, he also co-founded a business, Flambe Candles.

Personal Life

Nicholas Channing DiGiovanni spent most of his time in his professional career and passion for food and cooking. He loves to share most of the opinions and cooking options to the public through his social media shows.

On the other hand, the famous Chef Nick DiGiovanni has a girlfriend named Isabelle Tashima. Isabelle Tashima is currently working as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs, an investment Banking system. 


        Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth History

Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2023 $10 Million
Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2022 $8.7 Million
Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2021 $6.3 Million
Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2020 $4.7 Million
Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth 2019 $4 Million






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