Jody Glidden Net Worth| Biography, Age, Girlfriend

Personal Information

Net Worth $10 Million 
Name Jody Glidden
Age (September 1973) 49 years 
Gender Male 
Professional Entrepreneur & Business Leader
Girlfriend Lisa Hochstein
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Jody Glidden Net Worth

Jody Glidden Net Worth has been estimated through his successful involvement in the business world. According to the reports of online sources of the year 2023, Jody Glidden net worth goes up to about $10 million.

Interestingly, Jody Glidden has developed his own business career to earn this much amount. Jody Glidden Net worth estimated through his well developed million dollar empire. Only, his software company, Introhive has made a substantial profit for him.

Jody Glidden Net Worth has a large amount of the revenue sources of Introhive. As, the company is experiencing over 25 percent of revenue growth for each quarter of the year. Moreover, the annual earnings are increasing upto seven figures through its hundreds of thousands of users.

Early Life

Jody Glidden was born in Los Angeles in the year 1973 (September). Now is living in Miami, Florida. There is a limited information about Jody Glidden’s upbringing and parents on social media.

Joddy Glidden has done his graduation studies in the University of New Brunswick. There, he also began a computer science program after completing graduation.

After two years, Jody Glidden has abandoned his studies to give his full focus on the entrepreneurial ventures. However, in 2003, he resumed his education and completed them in the year 2005.

Moreover, Jody Glidden has also earned a Master’s degree in IT Management from Harvard University. He finally started his career in the field of software development and business.

      Jody Glidden Quick Bio

Jody Glidden Net Worth  $10 Million
Real Name Jody Glidden
Date of Birth September 1973 
Jody Glidden Age 49
Jody Glidden Height 5’10 inches
Jody Glidden Weight 72 KG
Jody Glidden Girlfriend Lisa Hochstein
Jody Glidden Nationality American
Jody Glidden Birth place Los Angeles
Jody Glidden Father N/A
Jody Glidden Mother N/A

Career And Achievements

Jody Glidden started his Professional Career as a teacher in the software department in a technical college. At this point, he realized to use his potential for using programming skills and develop software’s that help enhancing people’s lives.

Jody Glidden started creating softwares for students. Those softwares helped students in their curriculum and studies. Afterwards, Jody Glidden joined SaaS tech sector besides teaching in software.

Then, in the year of 1996, Jody Glidden has became the engineering leader at There, he worked as the leader of technical teams and oversaw all the technical aspects of company. Along with this, he was also assisting with stakeholder roadmap development.

Jody Glidden started his journey in the business world being the CEO of icGlobal. The giant software company icGlobal had made about $2million in sakes in the first year of it’s development.

On the other hand, Jody Glidden joined the Smartforce in April 2001. He worked there as a senior director to help them in the transition of his acquired company into SmartForce.

Interestingly, Jody Glidden continued his investment in the business world of software development. He also became the COO and CTO of Chalk Media in the year of 2005.

However, the company developed different mobile software that could help in tracking multimedia from other mobile devices securely.

Jody Glidden left the company Chalk Media in September 2010. Afterwards, he started working at Research in Motion. He helped them building the portfolio for the strategic content products. There, Jody Glidden also coordinated with the SVP and Blackberry CEO.

Following this, Jody Glidden co founded the Introhive, the software company in the year of 2011 with Stewart Walchli. Interestingly, the company raised about $135 million in funding. And then, it has made tens of millions in revenue since its inception.

Personal Life

Jody Glidden kept his personal life out of the public eye. His past married life is like a mystery. However, his ex wife was Trish Reuda (Houlahan). She was the senior director of human Operations at Jody Glidden’s company Introhive.

According to the online sources, Trish worked there for 12 years and oversaw day to day projects. Jody Glidden has a daughter who was born in 2009. However, Jody Glidden is romantically involved with Lisa Hochstein.

She is the personality from The Real Housewives of Miami. They were seen together on a dinner date in New York on December 12. However, Lisa Hochstein liked to keep his personal life private. She didn’t revealed any detail of their personal life.

       Jody Glidden Net Worth History

Jody Glidden Net Worth 2023 $10 Million
Jody Glidden Net Worth 2022 $8.25 Million
Jody Glidden Net Worth 2021 $6.75 Million
Jody Glidden Net Worth 2020 $5 Million
Jody Glidden Net Worth 2019 $4.30 Million



Where is Jody Glidden from?

Los Angeles, America.

Who is the CEO of Introhive?

Jody Glidden is the CEO of Introhive.

How much is Miami Jody worth?

The estimated net worth of Jody is $10 million.


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