Warren Buffett Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Age, Wife, Height

What is Warren Buffett net worth?

Warren Buffett Net Worth $117 Billion
Name Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett Age 92
Gender Male
Warren Buffett Professional Businessman, Investor
Warren Buffett Wife   Astrid Menks
Warren Buffett Nationality American
Updated 2023

Warren Buffett Biography: 

Warren Buffett or Warren Edward Buffett is an American businessman, a philanthropist, and an investor. He was born on August 30th, 1930. Currently, he is the CEO and chairman of the well-known Berkshire Hathaway. He is reportedly one of the most successful businessmen in the world who has an impressive achieved net worth of $94 billion in this year’s July 2022. His net worth made him the fifth-most wealthiest person in the world.

Early Career:

He completed his schooling at Rose Hill Elementary School. His father was elected to the first of four teams of US congress and they moved to Washington, because of that Warren finished his elementary schooling and then joined Allice Deal Junior High School. He graduated in 1947 from the Woodrow Wilson High School. He found success in his entrepreneurial trials after he finished school, he initially wanted to skip college to pursue his career but his father made him complete his studies first.

Mr. Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He was always initially interested in doing investments and business since he was young. In 1947, he entered the University of Pennsylvania but transferred and graduated from the University of Nebraska at the age of 19. He then later went to graduate from Columbia Business school where ideas of investment were pioneered by Benjamin Graham. He also attended the New York Institute of Finance to further focus on his economic background for various business partnerships.

Warren Buffett Quick Bio:

Warren Buffett Net Worth $117 Billion
Real Name Warren Edward Buffett
Date of Birth Aug 30, 1930
Warren Buffett Age 92
Warren Buffett Height  5’8 feet tall
Warren Buffett Weight 83KG
Warren Buffett Wife Astrid Menks
Warren Buffett Nationality American
Warren Buffett Birth place Omaha, Nebraska
Warren Buffett Father Howard Buffett
Warren Buffett Mother Leila Stahl Buffett

He was always interested in business and that’s why he made several attempts since he was young, including selling chewing gums, Coca-Cola bottles, door-to-door weekly magazines, working in a grocery store, delivering newspapers in high school, and selling golf stamps and balls, and detailing cars. In 1945, in high school, he and his friend purchased a $25 used pinball machine and placed that at a local barbershop to make money. Due to that investment within months they ow med several similar machines in many shops in Omaha. Later, they sold their business to a war veteran for $1,200.

He started investments in business when he was just 11 years old and bought six shares of the Cities Service Stock of which three was for himself, and the other three were for his sister. He bought that share each for $38 and made a small profit, and from that, he started several other investments in the business.

Career and Investments

In 1956, he created his firm Buffett Partnership.Ltd and ultimately acquired the textile manufactured firm named Berkshire Hathaway. Charlie Munger also joined the company in 1978 as the vice-chairman. 

In the 1960s, Buffett decided to take control of the Berkshire business since it was struggling. In 1967, he bought the National Indemnity Company based in Omaha for $8.6 million, which was his first ever foothold in the industry. It became a profitable run, and also owned an investment portfolio and was a valuable source of capital at that time.

Buffet has been the shareholder and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway since the year 1970. He is known for his devotedness to investment value and his thriftiness despite his money. He is a philanthropist and decided to give away 99% of his fortune in the name of philanthropic causes. In 2010, along with Bill Gates, he founded ‘The Giving Pledge’ in which billionaires pledge to donate half of their wealth.

In 2008, at the edge of collapsing the financial sector, he invested $5 billion in Goldman Sachs which no other investor could do at those favorable terms. It made a profit of more than $3 billion for the conglomerate. He also made investments in Dow Chemical, General Electric, and Bank of America.

Equity in Businesses

There are 20 or more top companies in which Berkshire Hathaway holds the equity managed by Buffett including Apple Inc, Bank of America, American Express Company, Chevron Corporation, Coca-Cola Co, Kraft Heinz Co, Moody’s Corporation, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, US Bancorp, Activism Blizzard Inc, Davita Inc, HP Inc, Bank of New York Mellon Corp, Kroger Co, Citigroup Inc, Verisign Inc, General Motors Company, Paramount Global Class B, Itochu Corporation, Charter Communications, Liberty Sirius XM Group Series C, Visa Inc, Inc, and many more.

Warren Buffet Billionaire’s Health

On April 11th, 2012, Buffett was diagnosed by doctors with stage I prostate cancer while doing a routine checkup. He started the treatment in mid-July. He told his shareholders that he felt great and felt 100% healthy with the same energy levels. On 15th September, he announced that his 44-day radiation treatment is completed and he’s feeling great about it being over.



How much is Warren Buffett net worth?   

The estimated net worth of Warren Buffett is around $117 Billion.

How old is warren buffet?

He is 92 years old.

How tall is Warren Buffett?

According to different sources Warren Buffett is 5’8 feet tall.

What is Warren Buffett real name?

The real name of is Warren Edward Buffett.

What is Warren Buffett daughter age?

Warren Buffett daughter name is Susan Alice Buffett and she is  69 years old.




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