Tiger Woods Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Age, Son, Height

What is Tiger Woods net worth?

Tiger Woods Net Worth $1.1 Billion
Name Eldrick Tont Woods
Tiger Woods Age 47
Gender Male
Tiger Woods Professional Golfer
Tiger Woods Wife  Elin Nordegren
Tiger Woods Nationality American
Updated 2023

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods has a total net worth of $1.1 billion in the current year of 2023. He earned it through winning tournaments and endorsements. Since 1996, when he turned pro, he has earned almost $118 million from the golf course. The amount was 7.6% of his career earnings and the other major chunk of his earnings, almost 92.4%, came from the endorsements of popular brand deals. Brands include American Express, Nike, Rolex, Golf Digest, General Mills, EA Sports, Accenture, Gillette, Tag Heuer, AT&T, Upper Desk, Buick, TLC laser Eye Centers, and Net Jets. 

The brand Gatorade even made a custom drink named ‘Gatorade Tiger‘. The whole deal was worth $100 million and he even got $20 million for a single endorsement for Gillette with Thierry Henry and Roger Federer. He also already earned $1.5 million by just appearing in golf tournaments and up to $10 million designing golf courses. 


Tiger Woods is a golfer by profession and American by nationality. He’s one of the most richest golfer in history. In 2021, He was even included in the World Golf Hall of Fame. He’s also a writer by profession.

Tiger Woods Early Life

The popular golfer was born in 1975, on 30th December, in the place of Cypress, California. He is currently 46 years old. His family includes parents Earl and Tida Woods. He has step-siblings including a sister and two brothers from his father’s early marriage. He has a mixed ethnicity of Cablinasian that includes Black, Caucasian, Asian, and American Indian. Tiger grew up in his hometown of Orange County, California, and was nicknamed ‘Tiger’ in respect of his father’s mate. Tiger father, the Earl, was a handicapped amateur golfer and he introduced golf to the tiger when he was two years old. His father was also the first mixed baseball player at Kansas University.

College Amateur Career

In 1978, at the age of 3, he appeared on a TV show and played against a comedian. He appeared on many shows and also won the Under age 10 section competition at the Navy Golf course. At 8, he won the boy’s event and from 1988 to 1991 he won the Junior World Championships 6 times. 

Until 2010, he held the record for youngest Junior Amateur World Championship, while still in high school at 15. He then collected several milestones, including SC Amateur player of the year from 1990-91, Golf-Digest in 1991, and 1992 he became the first two-time winner of the Junior Amateur player of the year.  He played at the Nissan LA Open and was also named ‘Golf-week National Amateur of the year. 

Until 2008, he held the record for the 3rd US Junior Championship, which he won in 1994. He graduated from high school and was also on the team of winning American of the Eisenhower Trophy. 

Tiger Woods enrolled at Stanford University and won several college championships. In 1995, he was elected as the Pac-10 player of the year, Stanford’s male freshman, and NCA’s first all-American. At the young age of 19, he parAt took in a PGA tour major. When he got to 20, he won 3 US Amateur titles and championships. He then dropped out of college to focus on his golf professional career.

Tiger Woods Quick Bio:

Tiger Woods Net Worth $1.1 Billion
Real Name Eldrick Tont Woods
Date of Birth Dec 30, 1975
Tiger Woods Age 47
Tiger Woods Height 6’1 feet tall
Tiger Woods Weight 78 KG
Tiger Woods Wife Elin Nordegren
Tiger Woods Nationality American
Tiger Woods Birth place Cypress, California
Tiger Woods Father Earl Woods
Tiger Woods Mother Kultida Woods


Professional Career

In 1996, he popularly signed contracts with Titleist and Nike. He got Sportsman and PHA your Rookie of the year in 1996. At 21, he became the youngest winner by winning his first major and then fastest ascent No 1. He completed the 1999 season with a total of 8 wins. 

From 1999 to 2004, he was a golfer who was at the top rank, and from 2000-10, he was the prominent force in the sport. Tiger Woods won 13 major golf championships. 

After that, he struggled with personal issues but made comebacks from time to time till May 2014. He went through surgery from 2014-17. From 2015-18, he participated in one top-ranked and was dropped from the world’s top 1000 golfers as well. In 2018-19, he made a comeback by winning majors and championships after a long period. 

He had the longest winning streaks and several unique performance awards for years. Tiger Woods won 82 PGA tour awards and 15 major championships. He’s the youngest and the second player to get the ‘Golf Slam‘ three times by being part of the American winning team. In 2019, he became the fourth golfer to receive the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom‘. 

Tiger’s Assets

He has a yacht named ‘Privacy‘ worth $25 million which he sometimes stays during tournaments near the sea/waters. The PGA tour pension plan is worth $20 million. He owns a  $54 million worth of Gulfstream G550 private jet. A $75 million worth of 12-acre ocean from the property in Jupiter, Florida. He also launched design courses during the financial crisis in 2009 from which he also earned millions.



How much is Tiger Woods net worth?

The estimated net worth of Tiger Woods is around $1.1 Billion.

How old is Tiger Woods?

He is 47 years old.

How tall is Tiger Woods?

According to different sources Tiger Woods is 6’1 feet tall.

What is Tiger Woods real name?

The real name of Tiger Woods is Eldrick Tont Woods.

What is Tiger Woods son age?

Tiger Woods Son name is Charlie Axel Woods and he is 13 years old.




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