Roger Federer Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Age, Wife, Salary

What is Roger Federer net worth?

Roger Federer Net Worth $550 Million
Name Roger Federer 
Roger Federer Age 41
Gender Male
Roger Federer Professional Tennis player
Roger Federer Wife Mirka Federer
Roger Federer Nationality Switzerland
Updated 2023


Roger Federer Net Worth

Roger’s earnings started in the year 1998, at $28,000, and in 2002, his earnings turned in millions with $1.999 million. Along with the growth in the following years, in 2007, his earnings were up to $10.1 million. From the year 2008, his earnings started to decline and he made $5.8 million. His earnings were up and down in those years and in 2019 they became $5 million. As of 2023, Roger Federer net worth is estimated to be $550 million.

Roger Federer Biography

Roger Federer is a professional Tennis player. He was born in Basel on the 8th of August, 1981. Roger is a 6ft tall famous athlete who achieved several milestones in his professional career. He earned popularity and wealth throughout his career.

 Roger Early Life & Career

Roger Federer was born in a Town called Basel, Switzerland. His parents are Robert and Lynette. When he was young. He started playing tennis with Diana, his older sister, and Roger Federer parents. When he was 8 years old, he joined a Basel Union Tennis program, and when he turned 10, he met Peter Carter, the Australian player who identified his amazing talent. He trained till turned 13 years old, and then accepted the invitation to join the National Tennis training center of Switzerland. At that time, the training center was much far away from Roger’s home and located in a place where most of the population spoke French. He decided to train there for three years till a much loser facility was available in Biel. Roger rode up to the World’s top junior ranking after training at the new facility, where Peter Carter was one of the instructors and guided him up to the top. When Roger was an Amateur, he won some titles, including Wimbledon junior singles and double titles, and then he was ranked the number one ITF player in the world.

Federer’s Pro Career

 In 1999, he soon turned into a pro player, he was the player who reached the Semifinals in the Vienna tournament. Roger became the number one youngest ever of the ATP’s top 100, after just a few more high-profile winnings. Roger also represented his beloved country Switzerland in the year 2000, at the Olympics. He surprised everyone by reaching the Semifinals but sadly didn’t win any medals but earned millions of hearts. He was defeated, by Arnaud Di Pasquale and Tommy Haas.

In 2001, he was recognized for his full potential by winning his first ATP singles title. He and his teammates defeated the US at the Dave Cup as well. He got famous as ‘Federer Express’. Then he won his first two ATP double titles and is ranked at 13.

Roger Federer Quick Bio:

Roger Federer Net Worth $550  Million
Real Name Roger Federer
Date of Birth August 8, 1981
Roger Federer Age 41
Roger Federer Height 6 feet tall
Roger Federer Wife Mirka Federer
Roger Federer Salary $70 Million
Roger Federer Nationality Switzerland 
Roger Federer Birth place Basel, Switzerland 
Roger Federer Father Robert Federer
Roger Federer Mother Lynette Federer


 His mentor Carter died one day shocked Roger to the core. He decided to honor him by putting more effort into his potential. Roger Federer then eventually made it and became the number one-ranked player in the World. He held that record from 2004 February to 2008 August, for 237 consecutive weeks.

In 2012, he lost his first singles medal in the Olympics and an injury in 2013 resulted in his rank falling. He got back on track again with the Dave Cup and other victories in the following years. Due to some failures, he announced in 2016 that he has a new coaching team, and with that, he would enter the World Tour season. He was once again defeated by Djokovic in 2016. He endured a knee injury and announced that he would miss the 2016 Olympics fur to that.

In 2017, he won the Australian Open and marked his 100th match. He later lost the semifinals in 2018 in Shanghai Masters. Roger lost in the French Open first time in four years fur to the opposition’s talent. He skipped Olympics again due to injury. In 2020, he began his Australian Open but lost and got injured again. He withdrew from matches and decided to recover from his injury.



Roger has won times Wimbledon, 6 times Australian Open, 5 times in a row US Open, and the French Open once. Federer won 20 times Grand Slam tournaments more than any men’s single player. For 14 years he was the top right tennis player in the world from 2002-2016. He was ITF World Champion 5 times in a row and ATP of the year 5 times. Roger was named the most recognizable person in Switzerland in 2016. He is very popular in the Sports world and is called G.O.A.T. Roger Federer was also awarded a Swiss Sports personality of the year for 7 continuous years. Federer also won BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the year. It said that he was the revival of tennis, and due to him, the sport generated a lot of revenue and interest in the world.



What is Roger Federer  net worth? 

The estimated net worth of Roger Federer is around $550 Million.

How old is Roger Federer?

He is 41 years old.

How tall is Roger Federer height?

Roger Federer is 6 feet tall.

Who is Roger Federer wife?

Mirka Federer.




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