Marcus Rogers Net Worth | Biography, Wife, Height

Marcus Rogers Personal Information

Net Worth $1.6 Million 
Name Marcus Rogers
Age 35 Years
Gender Male
Profession Author
Partner Jazz Rogers
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Marcus Rogers Net Worth

The Pastor and author of America Marcus Rogers has made a sufficient amount of money in his career. Marcus Rogers net worth is yet to be estimated at about 1.6 Million dollars. Accordingly, this depends on his social and career success in the world.

The Primary source of Marcus Rogers net worth is through his online preaching and services at the Firehouse Church in Chicago. Interestingly, he keeps a number of followers in them. Moreover, Marcus has made enough money through his books. Besides all these things, he is also a songwriter for songs like God is good, Door of Adonai, Great God, Washed Away, Most etc. These things have added a lot to the wealth of Marcus Rogers.


Marcus Rogers is a popular internet preacher born on July 19, 1986 in Wiesbaden, Germany. He has made numerous followers on his social media platforms. Marcus has been the Pastor at Firehouse Church in Chicago. Marcus Rogers net worth is over $1.6 Million as of 2023.

He is also known to be the author of famous books “The Fire To Be On Fire” and “The I Do’s and the I Don’t of Marriage”. On the other hand, The Pastor has also lived a part of his life in the military services. Accordingly, these truths about life and services have speculated about Marcus Rogers net worth. That has led him to higher standards.


        Marcus Rogers Quick Bio

Marcus Rogers Net Worth  $1.6 Million
Real Name Marcus Rogers
Date of Birth July 19, 1986
Marcus Rogers Age 35 years old
Marcus Rogers Height 6 ft 2 Inches
Marcus Rogers Weight 120 lbs
Marcus Rogers Wife Jazz Rogers
Marcus Rogers Nationality American
Marcus Rogers Birth place Wiesbaden, Germany
Marcus Rogers Father N/A
Marcus Rogers Mother N/A

Early Life

Marcus belongs to Wiesbaden Germany and he grew up there. He started following Jesus Christ when he was 7 years old. At this little age, he was spreading the words of God to the people. However, Marcus has taken his primary education at home. He went to college for only one year before joining the military. Marcus Rogers has been married three times in his life. He worked as a Pastor, Online Preacher, A songwriter and Author of books.

Career Of Marcus Rogers

Marcus Rogers As Preacher

The Preacher Marcus Rogers started his career as a street preacher. At that time, he used to share religious films on Facebook. Then, he was a full time Minister at the Firehouse Church in Chicago.

Marcus Rogers net worth counts to be through his full time working as a Minister. He has taken many people into walking on the right path of Jesus Christ. Conveying the message of righteousness and has immediately amassed a lot of followers.

Marcus Rogers To Join Army

The Pastor of Church, Marcus Rogers also began his career in Army at the age of 18 years. Accordingly, he has served two different combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Moreover, he has also visited South Korea.

He worked in Army services for a shorter period of time. Then, he was put on on QMP leave because of his behavior. It didn’t meet the standards of Army officials.

Marcus Rogers To Release The Rap Songs

On the other hand, Marcus Rogers tried different ways to spread the message of Jesus Christ. For that he has started releasing Christian rap songs. Accordingly, he has released many rap songs in this way.

According to Marcus, the people who do not read bibles, could listen to the songs and learn the religious materials about God’s words. For that purpose, he released the songs like Door of Adonai, Great God and God is Good and others.

As An Author

Marcus Rogers also demonstrated his writing abilities to the public. He has honored to published two of the famous books. Marcus has greatly tried to teach public about the word of God. Accordingly, he has shared different things in the books that God has said to him in his life journey.

Also, the Pastor has shared his married life experience in these books. He has clearly mentioned about his marriage and divorce in the books. Some of the famous books are Through the Fire To Be On Fire, End World, The I Do’s and I Don’ts of marriage and so on.

Marcus Rogers On Social Media

Marcus Rogers is the man with thousands of followers on social media platforms. He uses his social media happily to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Marcus has active accounts on major platforms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Personal Life

Marcus Rogers always speak about true faith in Christianity. He says that he is not in favour of Gummy Bear Christian. Accordingly, he do posts about how the people around the world are in need of true faith.

Marcus Rogers has been married for three times. His first marriage didn’t last for more than 5 years. Her first wife name was Erin. She filed divorce against Rogers. Then, Rogers wedded for the second time with Lavern.

Rogers and Lavern shared two children together. However the relationship could not be succeed and they split before remarrying in 2016. Currently, he is married to Jazmine. Jazmine is Marcus’s long time follower on Facebook. They tied the knot in wedding to each other in 2019.

        Marcus Rogers Net Worth History

Marcus Rogers Net Worth 2023 $1.6 Million
Marcus Rogers Net Worth 2022 $1.2 Million
Marcus Rogers Net Worth 2021 $0.8 Million
Marcus Rogers Net Worth 2020 $0.5 Million
Marcus Rogers Net Worth 2019 $0.3 Million





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