Todd White Net Worth | Wife, Biography, Career

Todd White Personal Information

Net Worth $1 Million 
Name Todd White
Age 47 Years Old
Gender Male
Professional Pastor
Wife Sarah white
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Todd White Net Worth 

As a Senior Pastor, and owner of a self made YouTube channel Todd White net worth could be more than estimated. He has made a clear reputation in the society with the aim of preaching and faith healing. Interestingly, there are over 583K subscribers on Todd’s YouTube Channel. Todd White’s net worth has a lot of share through this channel. He earns enough through the channel.

Accordingly, most of his income comes from his services as a pastor and preacher. Apart from this, he has earned significant sum of wealth through YouTube Ad Revenue and sales of Books. These would finally contribute to the Todd White net worth. Finally, the updated Todd White net worth in 2023 is about 1 Million dollars. However, his annual earnings are estimated around $250K. For a Senior Pastor, these earnings keeps a lot of value in life.


Todd White is one of the Prosperity Gospel Preachers. He was born in Canada on May 24, 1975. Now, he serves as the Senior Pastor of Lifestyle Christianity Church in Watauga, Texas. Todd White net worth counts on his YouTube Channel with thousands of subscribers. People know him as a faith healer, serving with the word of Faith movement.

Accordingly, Todd White has created a self-titled YouTube Channel. This channel leads him to preach online and spread the word of righteousness and redemption. He lives in Texas with his family in a peaceful manner.

        Todd White Quick Bio

Todd White Net Worth  $1 Million
Real Name Todd White
Date of Birth May 24, 1975
Todd White Age 47 Years
Todd White Height 5ft 9 Inch
Todd White Weight 88 kg
Todd White Partner Sarah white
Todd White Nationality American
Todd White Birth place Canada
Todd White Father N/A
Todd White Mother N/A

Early Life 

Todd White grew up in Canada with his parents. He possesses American nationality. However, Todd hasn’t shared any information about his family and parents to the public. There is no more information about Todd’s education and siblings on social media. But, according to his own words, he was a drug addict and an atheist until the age of 22. Then, he found faith in God and ultimately changed his life to the right path.

Career Of Todd White 

Todd White started a new life after the age of 22 getting faith in God. He himself has taken the step to change his life. The newly changed person initiated his career with the aim of preaching and spreading word of righteousness.

Following this, Todd White net worth goes high with numerous opportunities. Todd has also started preaching the Kingdom’s gospel. According to Todd, this change in life and career was like he was reborn again. Todd has described in detail about the development of change in his personality and its impacts on his career.

Todd To Follow Dan Mohler

Adding to this, Todd White has taken guidance from his Teacher Dan Mohler. Dan Mohler was the person who guided him to follow the right path. Also, he has given Todd the opportunity to work in the ministry.

Lifestyle Christianity Church

It was the time when the ministry started expanding and reached to its extreme, Lifestyle Christianity Church was built. Todd along with Tom Ruotolo has established this Church for the people.

The Church has been established with the support of Tom Ruotolo’s power and Love Ministries. Todd White has given it the name of Lifestyle Christianity Church. Also, the Church is merged with the ministries under Tom Ruotolo’s power.

Todd White As A Senior Pastor

After merging the Church, the headquarters were moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Now, Todd White has been working there as a Senior Pastor of the Church. Adding to this, he has been traveling with churches all over the world in the way of preaching the gospel.

On the other hand, Todd was first criticized in the  “American Gospel: Christ Alone”. It is a Netflix documentary. However, Todd stated that the series was demonically inspired.

Todd White had also worked with the Neck Ministries. And, he is also famous for his simple and unique lifestyle and his simple way to share the words of God.

Statement Of Todd White

One of the famous statements of Todd White: “Wherever you go, you should take God”.

Todd White YouTube Channel

Todd White has created his YouTube Channel: Todd White. Through this channel, he used to spread the words of righteousness and redemption. The Channel was created in March 2014. Moreover, the channel has up to 600K subscribers. Todd has uploaded upto 600+ videos on the channel with the title of Todd White- Praying for Satanists. It has over 4.6 million views.

Personal Life

Todd White is happily married to Sarah White. She is a famous musician and songwriter. Interestingly, she used to support him in ministry.

Now, the couple is living a peaceful and happy life with the faith in God. Todd has also said that he is having heart problems. And, due to this, his heart could pump at a limited capacity.

        Todd White Net Worth History

Todd White Net Worth 2023 $1 Million
Todd White Net Worth 2022 $0.6 Million
Todd White Net Worth 2021 $0.38 Million
Todd White Net Worth 2020 $0.3 Million
Todd White Net Worth 2019 $0.1 Million





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