Irritated Traveler Net Worth | Nationality, Husband & Wife

Personal Information

Irritated Traveler Net Worth $27,179
YouTube Channel Name Irritated Traveler
Yearly Income $18,702
YouTube Channel Irritated Traveler
Profession YouTuber
Partner Angie and Mike
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Irritated Traveler Net Worth

Irritated Traveler Angie and Mike earned significant money through it’s YouTube Channel. They are creating visual contents. It adds to the Irritated Traveler net worth. It has been uploading videos from 3 years and made over 24+ K subscribers till now.

Irritated Traveler net worth goes upto $27,179. Though, there is no accurate figure of it’s net worth. But, it is clear that there are thousands of people who put their interests in irritated Traveler. The channel makes over $18,702 every year.


Irritated Traveler is an amazing YouTube Channel with a view of adventure and traveling. It has been working since 2020. At this channel you can see a couple exploring the United States in their motorhome. They are just sharing some views of traveling experience with their followers. Irritated Traveler’s net worth goes up through this amazing concept. And yes, it is their view that makes them stand out.

Irritated Traveler makes you feel joyful with the experience of an attractive couple of Angie and Mike. They are the stars of their own channel and show you what they explore in the United States on their motorhome. It will be quite exciting to see them out there for traveling and adventure.


Irritated Traveler is a famous YouTube Channel. Angie and Mike created this channel in the year 2020. Angie and Mike are from the United States of America. They are a married couple who share their experience for travel and adventure. The couple met in 2013 and since then, they started exploring the world together.

Mike is a former software engineer from the United States. He is about 40 years old and grew up with the passion of traveling and adventure. However, Angie belongs to the profession of teaching and she is about 35 years old. She left her job for the development of this channel.

Accordingly, Angie and Mike started developing their channel from 2020. They are creating a document about their travels across the United States. Angie and Mike get their popularity for the art of exploring the world. They use a recreational vehicle for their travels. Interestingly, they do not possess any limits or boundaries.

       Irritated Traveler Quick Bio

Irritated Traveler Net Worth  $27,179
YouTube Channel Name Irritated Traveler
Irritated Traveler Channel Joined 11 Apr 2020
 Location  America
 Nationality American
 YouTube Channel Irritated Traveler
Daily Income
 Weekly Income
 Monthly Income
 Yearly Income
 Updated  2023

Trips And Experiences By Irritated Traveler 

Irritated Traveler is not like an average travel blogging or YouTube Channel. Angie and Mike together make worth it through their candid and extensive approach in it. Irritated Traveler net worth goes high through their amazing trips and experience.

Angie and Mike never afraid to share all the ups and downs of traveling on the road. They also used to navigate unfamiliar places and roads and deal with unexpected breakdowns. Interestingly, the videos show you experience with honesty and humor. This, it makes viewers feel free and are traveling along with them. 

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Trips And Experiences

Accordingly, Irritated Traveler made several visits to different places. Their experiences including places such as small towns, national parks, big cities. They have shared experience for exploring the beauty of the United States. It ranges from stunning landscaping of the Grand Canyon to the vibrant culture of New Orleans.

Irritated Traveler Angie and Mike have its own place in the heights of entertainment. The channel show you a mix of travel trips with adventure stories and amazing commentary. If somebody is going to plan for a travel inspiration, this channel would be a great resource. 

Florida To Arizona

Talking about Irritated Traveler’s trips, there are some interesting things to know. Angie and Mike travelled to a great way from Florida to Arizona relaxing at Bisbee. They entertained their followers in traffic jams.

Trip To Arkansas

On the other hand, they made a trip to Arkansas with their motorbus. They wished to visit the ranger boat factory.

Mountain Falls In Lake Toxaway

Irritated Traveler also explored the mountain falls in Lake Toxaway and Lake Greenwood motorcoach resort in cross hill. They took everything with them which they need in the travel including food and other stuff.

Traveling To Wisconsin

Interestingly, Angie and Mike travelled getting the experience of great cold in Wisconsin. While they failed in repairs of jacks, shower and air system. However, they made a successful trip with a lot of happy moments and enjoyed the ups and downs of travel as usual.

      Irritated Traveler Net Worth History

Irritated Traveler Net Worth 2023 $27,179
Irritated Traveler Net Worth 2022 N/A
Irritated Traveler Net Worth 2021 N/A
Irritated Traveler Net Worth 2020 N/A
Irritated Traveler Net Worth 2019 N/A



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