Island Boys Net Worth 2023 – Age, Parents, Income, Height, House

What is Island Boys net worth?

Island Boys Net Worth $2 Million
Name Island Boys
Island Boys Age 22
Gender Male
Professional You Tuber
Salary $50 Thousand
Nationality American
Updated 2023


Island Boys Net Worth

Their total net worth is near $2 million. The growth of their net worth over the years includes $10 thousand in 2018, $30 thousand in 2019, $100 thousand in 2020, $300 thousand in 2021, and around $1 million in 2022.

Along with the popularity of the Island boys, they also faced controversies and criticism other it’s from celebrities, news platforms, and even the general public but at the same time, they are unstoppable and their popularity continues to grow.

Island Boys Biography

Island boys are the American duo of fraternal twin brothers who gained popularity through their song called “I am an Island boy” on the popular video-sharing platform Tiktok. Both of the rappers sang the hip-hop song which got popular.

Early Life

The Island boys were born on July 16th, 2001 in South Florida. They are currently 20 years old and 5’7 feet tall. In a podcast interview, the duo opened up about their lives and told the public that their father died when the twins were young and their single mother raised them and The twins were often in trouble growing up due to their problematic behavior of committing crimes, including stealing cars and burglaries that’s why they got in trouble with the law. Because of Duo post a video of house arrest bracelet.

In 2021 while in jail, they divided to pursue their rap careers, and in October 2021, they came up with the hit song “I am Island Boy”. The video of the twins performing the song went viral on the Social media platform Twitter. The duo’s unique appearance including vertical dreadlocks, tattoos, and Diamond teeth, helped the song’s popularity, and it gained views on Tiktok immediately. As fast as they posted the music on TikTok, it turned into a web sensation generally around the platform. The Dou sibling posted a video of their new track song on TikTok which caught people’s attention. After which they became viral on the internet.

Island Boys Quick Bio :

Island Boys net worth $2 Million
Full Name Island Boys
Date of Birth July 16, 2001
Island Boys Age 22
Island Boys Height 5’7 feet tall
Island Boys Weight 60-70KG
Island Boys Birthplace South Florida
Island Boys Nationality American
Island Boys Income $10 Thousand
Spouse N/A
Children N/A

Alex has words written on his temple and a total of 17 inked tattoos on his forehead. Franky, on the other hand, has an eagle drawn on his forehead. Their looks helped turn the song’s popularity in the meme culture, and they even got a record deal with Kodak Black. Their first big performance took place in November, and then the debut of their official song. However, one brother Franky started his music career before the hit song in 2020 and released a couple of songs named Smoke, Real Right, and 9ine.

The island boys were involved in a fair share of controversies and social media feuds as well and recently in 2022, the police even raided their house and arrested their friend for first-degree murder but it’s said that the duo wasn’t involved in the case. according to the source of local news. Their feuds with social media personalities and celebrities involve Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Bryce Hall, Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, and even Tiktok. Hart and Snoop Dogg reviewed their song and commented on the twins using words like goofballs and made fun of them which didn’t sit right with the duo.



Favorite Things:

Island Boys Favorite Car Ford Mustang GT S550
Island Boys Favorite Sport Football
Island Boys Favorite Actor Tom Cruise
Island Boys Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Island Boys Favorite Personality N/A
Island Boys Favorite Food N/A
Island Boys Favorite Movie N/A

Island Boys Career & Achievements

Since their debut, their annual income has reached $50 thousand in 2022, Tiktok and YouTube are their primary income source their YouTube channel is named Big Bag Ent . The song has 17 million views on YouTube. On their YouTube channel, the duo posts frequent reels and videos.

In October 2022 they posted the video on Tiktok which gained 2.1 million views increasing its worth to $100 thousand.

At the beginning of the year, The Ford Mustang people group was annoyed after the Pop-stars pair “The Island Boys” late bought a Ford Mustang GT S550 model. Their purchase of the new model even inspires the song “I am a Mustang Boy”.

Island Boys Net Worth Highlights

Island boys net worth in 2023 $2 Million
Island boys net worth in 2022 $1 Thousand
Island boys net worth in 2021 $500 Thousand
Island boys Net Worth in 2020 $250 Thousand
Island boys Net Worth in 2019 $100 Thousand



What is the island boys net worth?

The current Net worth of Island Boys is $2 million.

What is the island boys favorite car?

One of Island Boys’ favorite cars is the Ford Mustang GT S550 model.

What nationality are the Island Boys?

Island Boys are American, and currently, they are living in  South Florida.




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