Anna Delvey Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Age, Parents, Boyfriend

What is Anna Delvey net worth?  


Anna Delvey Net Worth $60 Million
Name Anna Delvey
Anna Delvey Age 32 years
Gender Female
Anna Delvey Professional Actress
Anna Delvey Salary $5 Million
Anna Delvey Nationality German 
Updated 2023


Anna Delvey Net Worth

The current net worth of Anna Delvey is estimated at $60 million. Throughout her life, she was involved in major thefts and scandals. She got a good amount of money from Netflix, but that’s not the reason for her growing net worth. Her salary is $5 million per year, which increases her worth. She liked to live in luxury and spends her money on expensive items and owns mansions as well. It’s believed that she acquired most of her income from fraud. She’s known to be working on different projects based on her life.

Anna Delvey Biography

Anna Delvey has been condemned for fraud as a con artist. She is popular as the title of fake German heiress. Anna Delvey became popular through her frauds in the United States. She made a huge amount of money through her acts.

Early Life

On 1991 January 23rd, Anna Delvey was born into a middle-class family, and they moved from Germany to New York to improve their future. Anna Delvey father named Vadin Sorokin was a truck diver earlier but now owns a heating and cooling company for a million dollars. Anna’s mother runs several convenience stores in various places in the country. 

Anna Delvey Quick Bio

Anna Delvey Net Worth $60 Million
Full Name Anna Devley
Date of Birth Jan 23, 1991
Anna Delvey Age 32 years
Anna Delvey Height 5 feet tall
Anna Delvey Weight 53 KG
Anna Delvey Birthplace Domodedovo Moscow
Anna Delvey Nationality German
Anna Delvey Salary $5 Million
Anna Delvey Boyfriend Hunter Lee Soik
Children N/A


Beginning of a Criminal Career

Anna Delvey started in the industry in the US as a model, then an interior designer, and a real state worker. She is famously known as a con artist, a fraud, and a criminal in the states who came to the country to swindle a district company. Her criminal career started from 2013 to 2017, during which she pretended to be of Russian-German nationality-heiress in America.

Her real name is Anna Sorokin and she changed to Anna Delvey to own a different personality and background she dreamed of.

Criminal/Fraud Offenses:

In 2013, she came to New York, and in 2016, she moved to Paris for some months. Paris was the place where she got arrested and pulled over from. She was arrested for the heroin she owned, and due to that, she got a jail sentence of two years for drug charges.

 She was accused of 3 different felony charges of fraud. As a result of that, she is facing the consequences as she encountered a 6-month prison sentence in Rikers Island, New York City. While spending her time in New York City, it’s still not confirmed what the exact amount of money was, but her crimes made headlines and got worldwide attention.


Favorite Things:

Anna Delvey Favorite Car Ford Mustang GT S550
Anna Delvey Favorite Restaurant Le Coucou
Anna Delvey Favorite Show Inventing Anna
Anna Delvey Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Anna Delvey Favorite Personality N/A
Anna Delvey Favorite Food N/A
Anna Delvey Favorite Movie N/A

Netflix Series

In the current year of 2022, on February 11th, the famous streaming platform Netflix released a limited series of 6 episodes titled ‘Inventing Anna’. The series was based on the life of Anna Delvey and was based on true incidents and her crimes. Julia Garner plays Anna in this Netflix series. Shona Randos produced and created the hit limited series. 

Netflix paid Anna $320k to publish her real-life story. Smartly, Anna paid the money to help herself in the legal troubles, around $24,000 to settle state fines, $200,000 for the registration, and more than $75,000 for her attorney’s fees.

Other Charges & Jail

Anna the game socialite was known to borrow thousands of money from her, fellows and friends, which she never returned. People claimed she owes them a lot of money. In 2017, she finally got caught for grand larceny and the trial proceeded for two years.

She spent some time in Rikers island prison before her trial. Anna was found guilty of a total of 8 counts because she was forgiven for one of them against her. The forgiven charges include trying a grand robbery in the City National Bank for over $1 million.

She was released from prison in February 2021, for her good behavior. But then, in September 2021, she was sent to jail again in case of possession of ICE. Anna delvey interview where she shared her thoughts.


Anna Delvey Net Worth Highlight:

Anna Delvey Net Worth in 2023 $60 Million
Anna Delvey Net Worth in 2022 $50 Million
Anna Delvey Net Worth in 2021 $40 Thousand 
Anna Delvey Net Worth in 2020 $30 Thousand   
Anna Delvey Net Worth in 2019 $28 Thousand



What is Anna delvey net worth?

Anna Delvey  net worth is around $60 Million.

What is anna delvey Instagram?

Anna Delvey Instagram account name is the Anna Delvey.

What is anna delvey doing now?

Anna Delvey is currently in ICE custody at the Orange County Jail, awaiting bail.

How old is anna delvey?

At present, Anna Delvey is 32 years old.

How is anna delvey attorney?

Todd Spodek is anna delvey attorney.




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