Katelyn Ohashi Net Worth 2023 – Boyfriend, Height, Parents


Katelyn Ohashi Net Worth $2 Million
Name Katelyn Ohashi 
Katelyn Ohashi Age 26
Gender Female 
Professional Gymnast
Katelyn Ohashi Boyfriend  N/A
Katelyn Ohashi Nationality American
Updated 2023

Katelyn Ohashi Net Worth

Being a competitive gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi earned a lot of money throughout her active career. According to the reports of 2023, her net worth counts to be around $2 million.

Talking about her success, nobody could deny her continuous success. As she took part and won many top-class tournaments in sports over the years. Thus, she earned massive money by participating in gymnastics events played all over the world.


Katelyn Ohashi a well known gymnast in America born on 12th April 1997 in Seattle Washington. She has made worldwide fame through a video of her joyous floor routine. It went viral on January 13, 2019.

Katelyn Ohashi proved herself to be the best gymnast in America. She scored six perfect 10s throughout her career. Also, she was a member of the USA Gymnastics Junior National Team.

Adding to this, Katelyn Ohashi participated at all levels of the sport for University of California, Los Angeles. She has competed at different levels of sport ranging from Junior elite to NCAA Championships.

Early Life

The American Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi’s full name is Katelyn Michelle Ohashi. She was born in Seattle Washington on 12th of April 1997. Her parents were Richard Ohashi and Diana Ohashi.

Diana Ohashi, Katelyn Ohashi’s mother, was a gymnast at High school. So, Katelyn chose to follow her mother’s footsteps in her career. mother was a high school gymnast, meaning Katelyn followed in her footsteps.

Katelyn Ohashi’s parents moved to Plano, Texas in 2009. They wanted her daughter to enrol in gymnastics training. Afterwards, they took her admission in Spring Creek Academy. It was a private college prep school in Plano.

As time went on, Katelyn Ohashi also attended high school at Senior High School Plano. She completed her graduation in 2015. Finally, the gymnast Katelyn joined the University of California and has done masters in Gender Studies.


Katelyn Ohashi Quick Bio

Katelyn Ohashi Net Worth $2 Million
Real Name Katelyn Michelle Ohashi
Date of Birth  April 12, 1997
Katelyn Ohashi Age 26
Katelyn Ohashi Height 1.47 m
Katelyn Ohashi Weight 48 KG
Katelyn Ohashi Boyfriend N/A
Katelyn Ohashi Nationality American
Katelyn Ohashi Birth place Seattle Washington
Katelyn Ohashi Father  Richard Ohashi
Katelyn Ohashi Mother  Diana Ohashi

Career And Achievements

Katelyn Ohashi began following her childhood interest in gymnastics when she was just three years old. However, she never realised this dream until 2009. Because, at that time, Katelyn Ohashi just started her journey from Kansas City, Missouri to Plano, Texas.

Interestingly, Katelyn Ohashi got her training from several coaches in Missouri before being a good gymnast. When she became 12 years old, she started taking part on the national gymnastics level. In 2009, she took part in the Junior Olympic National Championships.

Success in Junior National Olympics

Katelyn Ohashi introduced herself with great success in the Junior Olympic scene. She got first position on floor exercise, 2nd position on uneven bars, 4rth in the all-around and finally 7th position on vault. Afterwards, Katelyn Ohashi finally qualified for the National Championships.

National Championships in Hartford

Following this, Katelyn Ohashi continued her perfect performances in 2010. As she won the bars title for the National Championships in Hartford.

Bumbo Cup, South Africa

In 2010, Katelyn Ohashi won the junior division gold medals at Bumbo Cup in Pretoria, South Africa.

American Cup

Katelyn Ohashi started taking part in senior levels. She began this session winning the American Cup in 2013. She defeated teammate Simone Biles who was an artistic gymnast. But, Katelyn had to suffer an injury during this, she was forced to go for shoulder surgery.

Katelyn Ohashi To Fall Back In Sport

Katelyn Ohashi had suffered a serious injury in 2013. Again, in 2014, she faced two torn shoulders and spine injury. Afterwards, she failed to take part in international elite level sport.

Finally, she didn’t take part until 2015. And, unfortunately, she couldn’t win any more gold medals at that level. However, in 2015, she took part in the Texas Prime Meet. When she only performed on floor, beam and vault.

Even after this, Katelyn Ohashi joined the gymnastics team of UCLA Bruins. Then, she again suffered another injury when her balance beam fell off. It caused her to land on her neck. She got a sternal fracture. However, Katelyn finished the season at number one receiving two perfect 10s.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Personal Life

The Personal Life Of Katelyn Ohashi is not so complicated. She had a clear and straight life journey. Interestingly, her family is of Japanese and German descent. And, it makes Katelyn Ohashi’s ethnicity to be multiracial.

Talking about her relationship status, she always kept that so private, that there is no record of her private relationship. She is single and had no affair.

Adding to this, she had body image problems. Due to which, she got body -shaming insults. However, she suffered from it and coped with it by taking mental-health counselling. Thus, it helped her to improve her mental health.



What is Katelyn Ohashi nationality?

She is an American.

How  old is Katelyn Ohashi ?

She is 26 years old.

How much does Katelyn Ohashi weight? 

According to different sources Katelyn Ohashi weight is 48 KG.




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