Peter Attia Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Family, Wife, Nationality


Peter Attia Net Worth $3 Million
Name Peter Attia 
Peter Attia Age 50
Gender Male 
Professional Physician
Peter Attia Wife Jill Atita
Peter Attia Nationality Canadian
Updated 2023


Peter Attia Net Worth

Peter has done a great deal of hard work in his medical career. One might assume that he might receive awards and nominations in the future. Talking about Peter Attia net worth, it is around $3 million.

Primarily, Peter’s net worth is all about his hard work as a surgeon at well known Medical Institutes. Moreover, he has his own earnings as an entrepreneur and author.

Moreover, the other credit goes to his educational records. As he has experience working with the top surgeon. Thus, Peter’s hard work in this field made it easy to earn  money.

Peter Attia Biography

Peter Attia, basically, he is a Doctor, Physician, and entrepreneur. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 19, 1973. Dr Peter Attia is an author too. He made several significant contributions to the fields of Medicine and health.

Dr Peter Attia has graduated from the University of Notre Dame and also went to the Stanford University School of Medicine. Where he completed his medical studies.

Dr Peter Attia worked in Surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institute. Also, he worked at McKinsey & Company as a consultant before starting his own practice in the field of Medicine.


Peter Attia Quick Bio:

Peter Attia Net Worth $3 Million
Real Name Peter Attia
Date of Birth  March 19,1973 
Peter Attia Age 50 
Peter Attia Height (5 feet 9 in)
Peter Attia Weight N/A
Peter Attia Wife Jill Atita
Peter Attia Nationality Canadian 
Peter Attia Birth place Toronto 
Peter Attia Father N/A
Peter Attia Mother Tanya Neely

Early Life Born

Dr Peter Attia basically belongs to the Coptic Egyptian ethnicity. He was born in Canada. From his childhood, he has had an interest in being a professional boxer. As time went on, he left this interest and joined Queen’s University.

Eventually, Peter gets interested in working on applied science. It later made him want to be a doctor and study further in the field of Medicine.

Before becoming a Doctor,  Peter earned a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University in 1996. Then, he got a medical degree in 2001 from Stanford University.

Career & Achievements

After completing his medical education, Dr Peter worked as a surgical training student from June 2001 to July 2006 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. From that point, his Professional Career started with great success.

Work In National Cancer Institute

Afterwards, he served as a fellow in Surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institutes of Health from 2003 to 2005. During this, he also worked on melanoma immunotherapies.

Practice At McKinsey & Company

Following this, Dr Peter Attia worked as a member of Healthcare Practice and Risk Practice at McKinsey & Company’s Palo Alto office.

President at Nutrition Science Initiative

Later on, in 2012, Peter Attia and Gary Taubes became founders of Nutrition Science Initiative. Peter worked as a President there.

Attia Medical PC

Then, in 2014 Peter Attia himself founded Attia Medical, PC. Dr Peter Attia was among one of the TEDMED 2013 Speakers. On the other hand, Dr Peter hosted “The Peter Attia Drive”  Podcast.

There, he conducted useful conversations with different personalities in various fields, primarily in Medicine. Accordingly, Dr Peter Attia wanted to boost awareness of longevity and health improvements.

Peter Attia To Invest In Different Companies

Dr Peter Attia Invest In multiple fields and companies like:

Maui Nui Venison


Virta Health

Magic Spoon Cereal

Oura Health Oy

Saluto Ceuticals and Supercast

Personal Life

Looking at Peter’s personal Life, he is married to Jill. He has two kids. However, Peter has not shared any more detail about his wife and kids on social media.

Other than this, there is no information about Peter’s past relationships. Moreover, he is not involved in any controversy until now. Accordingly, Peter mainly focuses on  his personal and professional life.

Moreover, Dr Peter is also active on social media. He has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Interestingly, there are over 172k followers of Peter on his Instagram account.



 Peter Attia workout routine?

Dr. Attia workout routine prioritizes the focus on sustainable exercise habits. He aims to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall wellness. He get it by incorporating a mix of aerobic activities, resistance training, and mobility exercises. So, the people following his routine can achieve the ideal balance between physical well being and long-term health benefits.

What happened to Peter Attia?

Dr. Peter Attia currently hosts a podcast The Peter Attia Drive. It focuses on maximizing longevity.

Where does Peter Attia live?

He live in Austin, Texas with his wife and kids..




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