Tai Verdes Net Worth | Biography, Age, Height

Tai Verdes Personal Information

Net Worth $1.5 Million 
Name Tai Verdes
Age 27
Gender Male 
Professional Singer & songwriter
Partner N/A
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Tai Verdes Net Worth

Tai Verdes net worth could be estimated through his successful career as a Pop Singer. As he has been a famous Pop Singer, he has also earned a lot by Sponsors, TV Commercial and being ambassador of some popular brands.

According to the analysis of online sources, Tai Verdes net worth is about $1.5 millions of dollars. As this information has been under review of the sources. Tai Net worth comes from his musical uploads and most of the part goes to his single hits.

Short Biography

The famous Pop Singer Tai Verdes was born on December 6, 1995 in the United States. Tai Verdes is among the most famous singers and musicians in the United States. His hit song “Stuck in the Middle” became viral popular on TikTok. It has been used in several videos.

Tai Verdes performed on multiple singles and released a number of songs and debut albums. He gained fame on YouTube and Tiktok in 2020. He earned a lot from Pop Singer.

      Tai Verdes Quick Bio

Tai Verdes Net Worth  $1.5 Million
Real Name Tyler Colon
Date of Birth December 6, 1995
Tai Verdes Age 27
Tai Verdes Height 5’5
Tai Verdes Weight N/A
Tai Verdes Partner N/A
Tai Verdes Nationality American
Tai Verdes Birth place California
Tai Verdes Father Harold Colon
Tai Verdes Mother Ladora Colon

Early Life

Tai Verdes’s real name is Tyler Colon. He was born in the family of Harold Colon and Ladora Colon. His father was the executive of Toyota and appeared in the show of Oprah Winfrey. Tai Verdes’s mother was an independent rep at Sensaria.

Tai Verdes has a younger brother Miles Colon. They grew up together in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California. Tai Verdes had a passion for music since his childhood. He used to listen to 50 Cent’s music with his brother Miles.

Tai Verdes completed his school education in California’s High School. Afterwards, he got his Bachelor’s degree from Babson College. Tai Verdes started his journey of music from his graduation period.

Eventually, Tai Verdes dropped out from his college to pursue music full-time. He started a day job at a phone store and during his off hours, he used to spend time on his music. Tai Verdes worked on the music during 2020’s lockdown of COVID-19. He began practising with his full focus and posting songs online in his car.

Career & Achievements

Tai Verdes began his career of music in the year 2020. He posted his hit song “Stuck in the Middle” on his social media accounts. Tai Verdes promised to release it if his video got 1000 likes.

Tai Verdes’s Success In “Stuck In The Middle”

Tai Verdes’s song went viral and he released it. He ultimately signed with Arista for his musical album. Tai Verdes got success with this song with millions of views. The hit song gained over 1.4 million hits on YouTube in a very short time.

Tai Verdes’s Full Length Album

Afterwards, in May 2021, Tai Verdes released his debut full- length album, TV. The album contains hit songs. Those include Stuck In The Middle, A-O-K and Drugs. This was the thirteen track album. However, the album mostly featured Tai’s stories and personable ballads of Tai’s life.

Tai Verdes has combined elements of hip-hop, Pop and R&B. The songs went viral on YouTube and the singer achieved success with this album with ultimate fame and joy.

Success Of Hit Single “A-O-K”

Then, the album featured his single A-O-K. Ultimately, the song peaked at no. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100. The hit song achieved about 24.7 million radio plays. Recently, Tai Verdes released a standalone single in March 2022 named “3 Outfits.

Personal Life

Tai Verdes was born in an American family. He has American ethnicity. However, he hasn’t shared more about his family on his social media accounts. Tai Verdes is a certified musician and has more than 23 million listeners through the service.

Tai Verdes had a passion for music since his childhood. However, he worked as a phone salesman. Tai Verdes preferred spending time with music after getting thousands of likes on YouTube.

Talking about Tai Verdes’s relationship, he is still unmarried. According to the online sources, Tai Verdes has a beautiful girlfriend named Bianca Nicado. However, there are no professional details of his girlfriend. 

Tai Verdes keeps his personal life private and avoids sharing details of his relationship on his social media accounts. He has made his fame through a hardworking journey in music.

      Tai Verdes Net Worth History

Tai Verdes Net Worth 2023 $1.5 Million
Tai Verdes Net Worth 2022 $1.23 Million
Tai Verdes Net Worth 2021 $1 Million
Tai Verdes Net Worth 2020 $87K
Tai Verdes Net Worth 2019 $74.5K 



How old is Tai Verdes?

He is 27 years (December 6, 1995) old as of 2023.

How did Tai Verdes get famous?

He won the award from the reality TV dating show Are You the One. This is one of the major reasons for their popularity. 

Where is Tai Verdes now?

He is in California.




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