Glen Kamara Net Worth | Profession, Age, Nationality

 Glen Kamara Personal Information

Net Worth $6 Million 
Name Glen Kamara
Age 28 years
Gender Male 
Profession Footballer
Partner N/A
Nationality Finnish
Updated 2023

Glen Kamara Net Worth 

Glen Kamara has made his name in the Association Football Player in a very short time. He is counted in the list of richest Association Football Player from Finland. Glen Kamara net worth has crossed the limit of $6 million in the year 2023. According to the reports of Forbes, Wikipedia and Business Insider, Glen Kamara has earned a significant sum of money ranges between 3 to 6 Million dollars.

Glen Kamara net worth goes on it’s high when he represented Finland U19. Then he also represented the match of Finland U21 in internationals. Glen Kamara has finally made his debut for Finland in a 3-0 victory over Estonia.


Glen Kamara is known as the most famous and richest Association Football Player. He was born on October 28, 1995 in Tampere, Finland. Glen Kamara net worth is estimated about $6 Million as of 2023. He used to play as a midfielder for Finland National Team and Scottish Premiership club Rangers.

Glen Kamara has gained a strong reputation in the Association Football being a talented midfielder on the pitch. He has technical abilities, composure and tactical awareness. Glen Kamara earned so much praise from his fans, fellows, and professionals alike.

On the other hand, Glen Kamara has also made his name in top brands. He is leading in numerous endorsement deals. The midfielder player has also become a brand ambassador of various sportswear companies. Yes, you can see him in various advertisement campaigns.


Glen Kamara

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       Glen Kamara Quick Bio

 Net Worth  $6 Million
Real Name Glen Adjei Kamara
Date of Birth October 28, 1995
 Age 28 years
 Height 1.81 m
 Weight N/A
 Partner N/A
 Nationality Finnish
 Birth place Tampere, Finland
 Father N/A
 Mother N/A

Early Life

Glen Kamara is grown up in Tampere, Finland in a family of Sierra Leonean descent. His parents were both avid football enthusiasts. They further encouraged him to pursue his career in the field of football game. Glen’s parents has provided him unvawering support throughout his journey towards the career.

Glen Kamara’s passion for football began at a very young age. He joined the youth academy of a local club at the age of 10 years. It was the time when his potential in football began to rise. Everyone there has been the witness of Glen’s abilities. He was expert in ball control, vision and quickly reading the game. These abilities has made him the front man of each play and gained attention of various scouts from different clubs.

After spending his early life in Tempare United, Glen moved to Arsenal FC in 2012. It is one of the most prestigious clubs in England. Glen finally made the decision of making his professional career by joining Arsenal youth academy.

Career & Achievements 

Glen Kamara continued his professional career at Arsenal FC. He showed his best performances to be the best player. Members of the coaching staff impressed by Glen’s performance. He has been part of different competitions. And, loaned out to different clubs for gaining more experience and doing more practice.

Glen Kamara made his first goal in senior club football in Dundee. It was an opening of 4-0 win over against the next team. Then, he became the permanent member as an unused substitute for the Finland senior side in 2015. In 2017, Glen Kamara made his record for Finland making a 3-0 victory over Estonia.

The same year, Glen Kamara made a permanent shift to Dundee FC in Scotland. He has been fully flourished and skilled in football. The Scotland team saw an exceptional talent in the midfield in the performance of Glen Kamara. He became the key player of the Scottish team. Glen Kamara net worth goes high when he showed excellent abilities in game control. He has wonderful techniques for  distributing ball with precision and break up opposition attacks. He finally earned a widespread acclaim.

Accordingly, Glen Kamara made a number of crucial goals throughout his career. He has made it done for his team, club and country. Glen Kamara has efficient midfield prowess which made him a valuable asset for any team he represents.

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Personal Life

According to the online media, Glen Kamara is possibly single and has not been engaged. He has not seen in any relationship on the social media. Glen prefers to keep his personal life private. He has not revealed any of his details on the social media.

        Glen Kamara Net Worth History

Glen Kamara Net Worth 2023 $6 Million
Glen Kamara Net Worth 2022 $5.2 Million
Glen Kamara Net Worth 2021 $4.7 Million
Glen Kamara Net Worth 2020 $3.4 Million
Glen Kamara Net Worth 2019  N/A



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