Mike Ritland Net Worth | Biography, Profession, Career

Mike Ritland Personal Information

Net Worth $3 Million 
Name Michael B. Ritland
Age 45 years old
Gender Male 
Profession You tuber/ Dog trainer
Partner N/A
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Mike Ritland Net Worth 

It is one of the major concerns for American men to have earned big money. Mike Ritland net worth figures are somewhat greater than normal. Mike Ritland net worth is an estimated to be $3 Million.

Net worth of  Mike Ritland  goes to his services in the Navy and continues working as a dog trainer. He has not only earned this amount but also maintained a healthy lifestyle. People are mostly inspired by his personality and looks. He has also created a YouTube channel for uploading videos about his training and sessions. Mike Ritland gained a lot of fame on this platform with over 160,000 Subscribers.


Mike Ritland is a former US navy personality from America. He is also an Orator and dogs trainer. Mike was born in Waterloo, Iowa, United States on July 27, 1978. He has been famous due to the establishment of the Warrior dog foundation. Accordingly, Mike Ritland is now busy providing care and training to the dogs. And, giving different training to the dogs that have been retired from their services in the battlefield.

Mike Ritland has maintained a team Dog online community to make them associated with him. Mike Ritland net worth goes to his services to the US navy, his works as Orator and dog training. He has greatly maintained his social lifestyle. He has earned a significant sum of money in his lifetime but he used to live a modest lifestyle.

        Mike Ritland Quick Bio

Mike Ritland Net Worth  $3 Million
 Real Name Michael B. Ritland
 Date of Birth July 27, 1978
Mike Ritland Age 45 years old
Mike Ritland Height N/A
Mike Ritland Weight N/A
Mike Ritland Partner N/A
Mike Ritland Nationality American
Mike Ritland Birth place Waterloo, Iowa
Mike Ritland Father N/A
Mike Ritland Mother N/A

Early Life

Mike Ritland was born and raised in the United States. He spent his childhood in Waterloo, Iowa, United States and was educated there. There are no details of Mike’s parents and siblings available on the online platforms. Mike Ritland started his journey in the US navy in 1996 and spent several years in this service.

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Career Of Mike Ritland

Career In US Navy

Mike Ritland started his career in the US Navy in 1996. He has been graduated there at (BUD/S) in the year 1998. Accordingly, Mike Ritland holded the position at US Navy SEAL for 12 years. Mike worked with SEAL team THREE. He performed his duties in different operations in Iraqi freedom and other special operations.

Training Battlefield Dogs

Mike Ritland specialized in training battlefield dogs for various operations. He wanted to work with special dogs and harness their abilities. That is to be utilizing the abilities of dogs for defeating the tools of modern warfare. Afterwards, Mike Ritland was selected as a Navy SEAL multi purpose Canine trainer.

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Started In Trikoz

After working in Navy SEAL for 12 years Mike Ritland started working in Trikoz International. It is an organization which specializes in providing K9s to private individuals, celebrities and government agencies. Mike Ritland got great success in this business. He became the man with multi talents and trainings. Mike Ritland net worth goes to his keen interest in this step of his career.

 Mike Ritland is the person who possess 15 years of experience in training different breeds of dogs. He has served in this field for 15 years. Mike has specialized in training, raising and importing different breeds on international levels.

Warrior Dog Foundation

Mike Ritland has created the Warrior Dog Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization for special operations K9 retirement foundation. It is to serve the working military K9, the community of special operations and their families.

Mike Ritland got offers from various companies to work with them. Some of those include Dogtra, Oma’s Pride Raw dog food and TEFCO. Mike Ritland has become popular due to his services for military and talents in training dogs for various operations.

Team Dog Online Community

In addition to his services in US navy and their operations, Mike Ritland also started working online in his career. He can be seen busy in his YouTube Channel dedicated for training dogs. At this channel Mike Ritland used to give online training to the dog owners through the Team dog Online Community.

Personal Life

Mike Ritland has greatly kept his personal life out of the public eyes. The details of Mike’s personal life and relationship is unclear on the online platforms. It is even not known whether he is married or not. Mike Ritland has never gone publice regarding his personal life. Moreover, there is no such information about his parents and family members.

        Mike Ritland Net Worth History

Mike Ritland Net Worth 2023 $3 Million
Mike Ritland Net Worth 2022 $2.7 Million
Mike Ritland Net Worth 2021 $2 Million
Mike Ritland Net Worth 2020 $1.8 Million
Mike Ritland Net Worth 2019 $1.2 Million



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